So why florals for the dreamers?

So why florals for the dreamers?

There’s nothing like a rebrand to help clarify the mind of any small business owner as to exactly who their tribe is. So I wanted to kick off my blog with a personal post about why my business now has a strapline of florals for the dreamers. And, like every clichéd talent show contestant ever said, I’ve been on a bit of a journey…

Halo Blossom isn’t just a company to me, it’s my third baby. And it brings together so many elements of my personality, interests and skills, all wrapped up into a business I’ve worked hard to build. And it’s so very personal. So handing over how it should look and feel to a branding company felt like leaving one of my children at nursery for the very first time. But it proved to be such a great exercise in reminding me why I do this, what it means to me and who I do this for. And I knew I’d have to give this process the time and energy it deserved to nail it. It hugely helps, of course, when you’ve done the research and found a branding company like Bonny & Clyde, who treated my business with as much love, attention and creativity as if it were their own baby. They just got me, and I can’t thank them enough.

Meet Little Sally

Having trained, honed my skills, developed my style and flowered up literally hundreds of weddings over the years, the process of working out what I wanted for the next chapter of my business resulted in me concluding it was time to go back. And I mean way back. Meet this little legend, six-year-old me, rocking a seventies floral dress and smelling the flowers in the garden she grew up in. Meet Little Sally who, as it turns out, is leader of my tribe. As a child, if I wasn’t smelling flowers I was drawing them, or butterflies that landed on them, or drawing animals from my nature books, or sketching my own flowers or butterflies using my favourite colours in the hope I could bring my ideas to life. I was that kid who just loved nature.

My passion for nature never left me. Okay, it may have lost its number one slot through my teens and twenties to dating, seeing bands, fashion, studying, wine and a publishing career…. but it’s always been there, that need to lose myself among the sights, sounds and smells of nature. And, fundamentally, the way being surrounded by natural beauty makes me feel. To me, and to Little Sally, it’s quite simply the stuff of dreams and makes my heart full.

More than a feeling

It’s that very emotional connection that drew me into the world of wedding florals – being able to unite such a wonderfully emotional day with the pure beauty and joy florals can bring is a match made in heaven. And now I’m an adult, there’s nothing I like more than chatting through a couples’ hopes and dreams for their florals, and making that happen for them. I’ve never lost sight of the trust couples put in me to bring their vision to life and my desire to give my couples what they’ve always dreamed of. This is at the heart of Halo Blossom – matching the dream to the reality. And this had to be front and centre of where I go next.

So Halo Blossom is for anyone who has ever let their mind wander off into thoughts of the sheer romance and joy florals can bring to their wedding. And it’s for those who want to walk into their venue and get all the feels knowing their vision is all around them, feel the warmth I’ve put into creating them, and lose themselves in the beauty that surrounds them. Everyone should have flowers they’ve always dreamed about, right? Because Little Sally wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Welcome to the home of florals for the dreamers. Just like me.


Sally x