Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

Meet Sally

Hi there, I’m Sally, founder and chief pretty creator of Halo Blossom Floral Design.

Growing up, whilst other girls were spending time with their Barbies, I was the kid sketching flowers or looking for butterflies in my garden. For many years, I put my sketch book down and had a career in magazine publishing; launching corporate magazines for clients, but the desire to be with nature never left me.

Passion For Nature

I decided it was time to use my skills and love of creatively meeting a client’s brief with my passion for nature.

I had an overwhelming desire to work in an industry where it was encouraged to be as enthusiastic as I was, so I retrained as a floral designer. Halo Blossom was then born and now I spend my days creating florals for the dreamers just like me.

Seasonal wedding flower display
Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia
Talentina Wedding Planner in Puglia

Sally In Five Minutes

A Few Quick Facts About Me:


I collect vintage women’s magazines and Penguin Classic books. I have copies of Vogue that are nearly 100 years old, and I love this visual history of style.


I’m rarely seen without a big flick of black eyeliner and red lipstick. The latter is thanks to growing up thinking Rizzo from Grease was so cool and I’ve never grown out of it.


I love music and think David Bowie was a genius.


If I wasn’t a floral designer, I’d love to be a radio DJ.


I’m teaching myself to play the piano.


I live with my two children, our two cats and way too many house plants. I always name pets after musicians. Ziggy and Florence if you’re wondering (my children wouldn’t go with Kate Bush). Our last cat was Elvis.


I hate vinegar. I mean properly hate vinegar. I can’t stand the smell and have a totally irrational fear of getting the smell on my fingers.


I’ll never stop being mesmerised by nature — seeing the way moss creeps across a log, or how a coot’s beak is so perfectly white on an otherwise entirely black bird fascinates me.

“We absolutely loved our flowers – you smashed it!”

Dannie and Clive